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Headspace Marketing is a strategic

consulting firm committed to building

great brands in Québec

We work closely with clients to address the unique challenges and opportunities they face in the Québec market. Our deep knowledge of the Québec consumer and our brand-building expertise provide our clients with a true competitive advantage in a market that's at times misunderstood and often underexploited.

 or call Éric Blais at 416.221.3770

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“Soyez au-dessus de vos affaires” (Be On Top of Your Business), a new campaign for Intuit QuickBooks targeting Quebec’s entrepreneurial community. Read the full story in The Message.


The new campaign highlights the fact that choice of a domain is an effective way for entrepreneurs to showcase that they are a local business that operates locally. Read the full story in Stimulant.

GoDaddy Canada is highlighting Patricia Paquin, celebrity owner of Chez Cheval, to demonstrate how easy and useful it is for Quebecers to create an online presence for their small business. Read the full story in French in Grenier aux nouvelles.

"It is a pleasure to work with the Headspace Marketing team. They are consummate professionals, challenging all of us to create and deliver the best strategy and work for the business.”

Paul Sarkozy, Marketing Director, Canadian Internet Registration Authority

"Headspace Marketing is a great marketing communications partner for CIBC. They’re a responsive and trusted partner that we rely on to ensure our message resonates well in the Quebec market. They handle the French adaptation of all of our television, print, radio and digital advertising – and we have the confidence that when Headspace Marketing is on the job, it will be well executed."

Jennifer Davidson, Vice President, Client Experience, CIBC

"I have worked with Headspace Marketing over the course of my entire career for three major brands. They are the go to agency for insights and developing successful strategies in Canada's French market. I always feel confident knowing Headspace has provided its direction and point of view."

Jason McPhail, Director, Brand and Marketing, SiriusXM Canada

"Headspace moved the needle for us in Québec.”

Norma Beauchamp, former CEO, Cystic Fibrosis Canada

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