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CIBC is perfectly positioned in Quebec. By merging its expertise in private wealth and commercial banking, CIBC not only meets the complex demands of businesses but also sets itself apart from local contenders who are deeply rooted in the Quebec business milieu.

Our storytelling expertise was brought to the forefront with narratives like the one featuring Bain Dépôt, a bath and kitchen fixtures retailer. This tale not only showcases how CIBC has been instrumental in Bain Dépôt’s growth across and beyond Quebec, but also highlights the bank’s role in safeguarding and proliferating the wealth of its founders – a band of four tight-knit brothers – for the prosperity of future generations.

Such storytelling is a modest investment that yields substantial rewards.

Effective brand-building in Quebec is a nuanced art, requiring a keen understanding of when to adopt, adapt, or create content specifically for the market.

In this instance, these stories eloquently illustrate how a major Canadian bank can forge personal connections at the grassroots level, aiding Quebec’s entrepreneurs not only in their growth ambitions but also in their quest to leave a lasting legacy for their families.

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