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In 2018, Chefs Plate, a rapidly growing meal kit delivery company in Quebec, initiated a strategic partnership with Bianca Gervais, a renowned Quebec actress and TV host. This collaboration came at a pivotal moment, just a year before Chefs Plate's acquisition by HelloFresh.

The primary goal of the partnership was to address a specific consumer need in Quebec - reducing meal preparation time. Chefs Plate aimed to launch the region's first 15-minute meal kit, targeting busy consumers like Gervais.

The strategy centered around leveraging Gervais' status as a busy mom and a relatable figure. The campaign highlighted the convenience and quality of Chefs Plate’s meal kits, which featured pre-portioned, freshly prepared ingredients, suitable for quick and gourmet cooking.

Gervais shared her personal experiences with Chefs Plate, focusing on the product's time-saving aspect and quality. The message conveyed was that if Gervais could manage these meals quickly amidst her busy schedule, so could any consumer.

The campaign resonated with Quebecers, effectively addressing their desire for quick, quality meal solutions and playing a crucial role in establishing Chefs Plate’s presence in Quebec's competitive meal kit market.

This campaign was a pivotal factor in Chefs Plate's growth, leading to its acquisition by HelloFresh. The partnership with Gervais not only boosted brand awareness but also aligned with HelloFresh’s global strategy of localizing offerings to meet specific market needs. The acquisition combined the companies’ strengths, creating a dominant presence in Canada with significant revenue growth anticipated.

The Chefs Plate and Bianca Gervais campaign serves as an exemplary marketing strategy, demonstrating the importance of understanding local consumer needs, leveraging celebrity influence for brand credibility, and timing market entry for maximum impact. This approach contributed significantly to Chefs Plate's growth and its successful integration into a global market leader’s portfolio.

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