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For the past two decades, Headspace Marketing has been at the forefront of helping clients build and strengthen their brands in Quebec. As we celebrate our twentieth anniversary, we're excited to share short stories about these brands and our role in their unique journey within this distinct market.

GoDaddy successfully expanded into Quebec by adapting its English Canada campaign, utilizing local celebrity Laurent Duvernay-Tardif's passion for woodworking to showcase the versatility of its services.


This strategic move, featuring Duvernay-Tardif's "Le Tourneur des bois" business on a GoDaddy-created website, significantly enhanced the brand's recognition and subscription rates in the Quebec market.

IKEA's bond with Quebec, founded on a mutual appreciation for Scandinavian design, was highlighted by the enthusiastic reception of its 2018 Quebec City store opening, a response to the region's blend of North American and European influences.


The launch campaign skillfully fused Scandinavian motifs with Quebec's unique culture, notably through the creative use of umlauts in French words, blending global brand identity with local character.

QuickBooks Alex banner_edited.jpg

In an engaging video series presented by Intuit QuickBooks, two-time Olympic gold medalist Alexandre Bilodeau shares his unique insights on entrepreneurship, drawing parallels between the disciplines of elite athletics and business.


This series offers a compelling narrative on passion-driven success, intelligent risk-taking, and seizing opportunities, providing invaluable lessons for entrepreneurs in Quebec and beyond.

Intuit testimonial banner_edited.jpg

This online campaign captures the essence of authenticity by featuring real success stories from local small business owners, showcasing the transformative impact of modern accounting through their experiences.


It not only promotes QuickBooks but also serves as an inspirational and educational resource, resonating with the entrepreneurial spirit of Quebec, and forming a part of a larger, integrated communication strategy that extends across various media platforms.

To counter the perception in Quebec of being primarily an English-focused service, SiriusXM launched the "Place au talent d'ici" campaign, highlighting their substantial investment in Quebec's music industry, including nearly half of their twelve million dollar Canadian investment in 2015.


This strategy aimed to boost brand relevance and attract subscribers in Quebec by showcasing their significant support for local music and festivals, aligning SiriusXM more closely with the region's cultural identity.

In its 2005 Quebec expansion, Sleep Country Canada acquired Dormez-vous, a Montreal-based retailer with a culturally resonant name, and refreshed the brand while complying with Quebec's language laws.


They adapted their advertising by introducing Lynn Martel as the French spokesperson and a new slogan, “Tout le monde devrait bien dormir,” which contributed to Dormez-vous becoming a prominent brand in Quebec with a substantial retail and online footprint.

In Quebec, Tim Hortons has become a ubiquitous and integral part of the social fabric, with its appeal rooted in a unique advertising strategy that includes relatable campaigns. However, a shift towards price-focused promotions raised concerns about long-term brand equity.


Research in a Quebec town, using participant observation, revealed key aspects of the brand experience: a sense of belonging and a personal connection with the staff, leading to an advertising approach that more authentically reflected these community bonds.

CIBC's positioning resonates strongly with high-net-worth clients in Quebec, offering the dual benefits of a global financial institution's capabilities and the intimacy of a local ally.


This balance is exemplified through storytelling, like the narrative of Bain Depot, which highlights CIBC's role in both the company's expansion and the prosperity of its founders, demonstrating the bank's ability to forge personal connections and support entrepreneurs in their growth and legacy-building endeavours in Quebec.

chefs plate_edited.jpg

In 2018, Chefs Plate's strategic partnership with Quebec actress Bianca Gervais for their 15-minute meal kit campaign effectively addressed Quebecers' need for quick, quality meals, enhancing the brand's presence in the competitive meal kit market.


This successful collaboration played a key role in Chefs Plate's growth and subsequent acquisition by global meal kit leader HelloFresh, illustrating the power of celebrity endorsement and market-tailored strategies in business growth.


In 2014, Huttopia Sutton launched in Quebec, bringing a unique glamping experience from France that resonated with the province's camping culture, thanks to research ensuring its appeal to Quebec's nature enthusiasts.


The launch campaign and support materials reflected the learning to tell the story of this picturesque site seamlessly blending luxury with nature, aligning with the local preference for comfort and scenic beauty.

This campaign for Cystic Fibrosis Canada in Québec successfully raised awareness about the absence of a newborn screening program for cystic fibrosis, leveraging a mix of emotional storytelling and strategic media placement.


This multifaceted advocacy effort ultimately influenced public opinion and policy, leading to the implementation of the screening program in the province.

ACE Bakery's successful expansion into the Quebec market following its acquisition by George Weston is a testament to the power of respecting local tastes and traditions while maintaining brand authenticity.


Their strategic approach, aided by Headspace Marketing's insights, enabled ACE to integrate seamlessly into Quebec's sophisticated culinary landscape, proving that a thoughtful, region-specific strategy is crucial for success in culturally distinct markets.

banners - template_edited.jpg

John Sleeman, previously known for his beer ads in Quebec, effectively returned to the province's airwaves promoting Spring Mill Distillery's vodka and gin, leveraging his distinctive French accent and personal brand in a humorous, self-aware radio campaign.


This strategy enhanced brand recognition and engagement, demonstrating the power of personality-driven marketing in a culturally unique market like Quebec.

Molson banner_edited.jpg

Molson Canadian adapted its messaging to resonate with universal themes like nature and honest pleasure, while carefully avoiding overt Canadian nationalism.


The brand's strategic shift to market itself in Québec with a nuanced approach, embodied in the slogan «C’est dans notre nature», demonstrates the effectiveness of culturally sensitive branding in a distinct market.

Gadoua Moelleux Banner_edited.jpg

This campaign intertwined sensory delight and simplicity by focusing on the concept of "moelleux" – synonymous with softness and the unique pleasure of Gadoua's bread.


This multimedia campaign invited Quebec consumers of white bread to embrace the authentic moelleux experience, a testament to Gadoua's powerful branding and departure from its previous spokesperson Lise Dion.

Ditaliano Legendre_edited.jpg

This campaign for D’Italiano strategically employs Quebec's beloved actor Pierre-François Legendre and a mix of traditional media to resonate deeply with the Quebec market.


This approach not only promotes the D’Italiano brand but also aligns with Quebec's culinary culture, fostering a strong emotional connection with consumers.

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