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Ditaliano Legendre_edited.jpg

This campaign for Weston Bakeries' D’Italiano line of bakery products taps into Quebec's cultural and culinary heart. The campaign leverages a mix of traditional and digital media platforms.

At the forefront of this campaign is the inclusion of Pierre-François Legendre, a well-known Quebec actor. This choice is strategically astute, veering away from the typical use of culinary experts to endorse food products. Instead, Legendre, a figure familiar and beloved in Quebec, embodies the everyday person discovering a passion for cooking. This aligns perfectly with D’Italiano's brand message: it's more than just bread; it's an invitation to explore culinary creativity.

The focus on TV and print media is a nod to traditional advertising, ensuring the campaign retains a strong presence in conventional channels that are still relevant and widely consumed in Quebec. This approach ensures the campaign reaches a broad demographic, capitalizing on the established trust and familiarity these mediums hold.

By positioning D’Italiano as a brand that encourages and celebrates the joy of cooking, the campaign goes beyond mere product promotion. It fosters a deeper, emotional connection with the audience, elevating the brand to be a part of their daily lives and culinary experiences.

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