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Gadoua Moelleux Banner_edited.jpg

When Weston Bakeries acquired Boulangerie Garoua in 2004, it embarked on a visionary journey, transforming the way Quebec perceived not just bread, but the essence of daily enjoyment. This campaign was a tapestry of sensory delight and genuine simplicity, woven into the fabric of Quebec's cultural narrative.


At the heart of this campaign was the concept of "moelleux" – a word that resonates with the promise of softness, qualities Gadoua strived to embody as the hallmark of their bread. This campaign was not just about promoting a product; it was about claiming and celebrating the authentic moelleux experience, a tactile and gustatory pleasure uniquely Gadoua's.

The campaign had a dual focus: indulging in life's simple pleasures and nurturing oneself in a straightforward, unadorned manner. The campaign's narrative was crafted with this dual focus, bringing the authentic moelleux experience to the forefront.


The multimedia effort was a symphony of the senses. One of the Moelleux commercials portrayed a man so captivated by the bread's aroma that he rested his head on the shelf, a poetic visualization of the authentic moelleux experience. Another commercial showed a woman's irresistible urge to squeeze the Moelleux bread, underscoring the tactile joy and distinct softness that Gadoua claimed as its own.


By transitioning from its association with long-time spokesperson Lise Dion, this campaign stands as a testament to the power of branding in capturing and owning a descriptor as evocative as "moelleux". Gadoua didn't just sell bread; it invited Quebec to embrace and celebrate the authentic moelleux experience, one slice at a time.

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