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SiriusXM, North America's largest audio entertainment company, offers satellite and online radio services to approximately 34 million subscribers.

Despite offering numerous French channels, many Quebecers perceived SiriusXM as catering primarily to English-speaking audiences in the U.S.


Efforts to spark interest and subscriptions among French-speaking Quebecers were ongoing. Additionally, SiriusXM was contributing significant funds to support and give visibility to Quebec’s musical artists. In 2015, SiriusXM invested close to twelve million dollars in Canada, nearly half of which was allocated to Quebec’s music industry and a variety of music festivals throughout the province.


While this investment was recognized within the industry, it wasn't widely known among the general public, leading to other corporate brands being more closely associated with Quebec’s music scene.

SiriusXM’s substantial funding provided an opportunity to enhance the brand’s relevance and proximity among current and potential subscribers by highlighting its involvement in Quebec’s musical scene.


To achieve this, we developed an overarching theme and visual identity to consistently communicate SiriusXM’s significant role in supporting local musical artists. Named “Place au talent d'ici,” which translates to “Making Way for Local Talent” or “Giving Visibility to Local Talent,” this branding element was incorporated into all music-sponsorship-related communications in Quebec.

In 2015, SiriusXM produced and distributed a music festival guide to help festival-goers enjoy the summer’s numerous performances by local artists.

As Jean-Philippe Lavoie of SiriusXM stated in a 2021 interview with Le Devoir, “We support as much as possible the events that showcase emerging Francophone talent. Even if it is part of the licensing conditions imposed by the CRTC, we are very proud of the support we provide to the industry."

“Place au talent d'ici” not only helped narrate SiriusXM’s story of community investment, but it also became a vital brand asset to drive consideration among potential subscribers.

Successful brand-building in Quebec involves knowing when to adopt, adapt, or create specifically for the market. In this instance, it meant leveraging a significant community investment to demonstrate the brand’s dedication to the local market.

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