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When Sleep Country Canada aimed to extend its successful retail concept to Quebec in 2005, it made a strategic move by acquiring a small Montreal-based retailer named Dormez-vous? This name, inspired by the well-known French lullaby "Frère Jacques," translates to "Are you sleeping?" and resonated well with the local culture.


Recognizing the importance of local context, Sleep Country Canada decided to retain the Dormez-vous? name while refreshing the brand's visual identity. This foresight was especially prudent considering Quebec's specific regulations regarding the language used in commerce and retail signage.


Adapting to the Quebec market also meant reimagining its established advertising approach, which had heavily relied on mass media promotions and product and price messaging. In the rest of Canada, these messages were delivered by one of its founders, Christine Magee, and concluded with the memorable tagline, “Why buy a mattress anywhere else?”


For the Quebec market, the adaptation featured Lynn Martel, the head of operations, as the local French spokesperson. The campaign introduced a new slogan that leveraged the brand’s name: “Tout le monde devrait bien dormir,” meaning “Everyone should sleep well.”


This strategic localization paid off. Dormez-vous, along with Lynn Martel, quickly became household names in Quebec. Today, the brand boasts over 60 corporate-owned stores and three warehouses across the province, complemented by robust e-commerce operations.

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