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In a bold move, John Sleeman, known for his iconic presence in Quebec's beer advertising, returned to the Quebec airwaves after two decades. This time, he was promoting vodka and gin from his new venture, Spring Mill Distillery. His previous ads for Sleeman Breweries had a distinctive feature - his heavily accented French, which became a memorable trait among the Quebec audience.

The strategy revolved around a radio-centric approach, focusing on drive-time radio in major Quebec cities such as Montreal, Quebec City, and Sherbrooke. The essence of the campaign was humour and self-awareness, acknowledging Sleeman's limitations in French in a humorous and self-deprecating manner. This approach was consistent with the theme of Sleeman speaking directly to consumers, much like his earlier beer commercials.

The execution of the campaign involved several French-language radio spots where Sleeman humorously addressed his unchanged French skills since his last beer commercials. The tagline “And give a Sleeman accent to your drinks” effectively tied his signature accent with the brand's identity. Additionally, the radio campaign was supported by a social media strategy to reinforce the message.

Intro- Radio 30F
Gin - Radio 30F
Vodka -Radio 30F
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